Shire refuses amended SP34 Plan

Published on Thursday, 4 May 2023 at 4:21:41 PM

Shire of Mundaring Council considered the Shire Referral Advice – North Stoneville Structure Plan (SP34) at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 2 May.

Council unanimously resolved to recommend that Western Australian Planning Commission refuse the amended SP34 proposal. Concerns were identified including traffic, environmental and bushfire risks.

Shire President James Martin said Council’s decision to recommend refusal of the revised SP34 reaffirmed its strong opposition to an inappropriate urban development in this location.

“Council’s position has been made clear: the type of urban development proposed in SP34 is not supported. This conclusion and the justification to amend the Metropolitan Regional Scheme zoning for this site back to Rural is based upon an assessment of the previous SP34 proposal,” he said.

In the report, Shire officers said the revised SP34 continued to fail to coordinate transport infrastructure. Additionally, even where the revised SP34 sought adjustments to better align with bushfire requirements, it resulted in worse outcomes for contemporary biodiversity objectives.

Local Subdivision Infrastructure Plan 265 (LSIP 265)

Council resolved to recommend that the Local Subdivision Infrastructure Plan 265 (LSIP 265) be revoked by the WAPC.

Cr Martin said there had been significant legislative changes in State planning policies, particularly in relation to the natural environment, bushfire, and developer contribution arrangements since the approval of LSIP 265 in 1999. As such the structure plan can no longer serve as a sound basis for contemporary planning in the Hills.

Recommendations to list Modifications

Council also resolved to adopt recommendations to list modifications required in a scenario where, despite the strong reasons for recommending refusal, approval might be contemplated by WAPC as the decision-maker.

Next steps

The Shire’s submission, as endorsed by Council, will be sent to inform the WAPC’s decision which is scheduled to occur mid-year.

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