Shire to enter Restricted Burning Period, Permits suspended

Published on Thursday, 30 March 2023 at 1:15:41 PM

Shire of Mundaring will enter the Restricted Burning Period from 1 April with residents advised that Permits to Burn will not be available until further notice, due to drier than normal conditions. 

No permits will be issued until conditions improve, however: 

  • 1 sqm piles of garden refuse may be burnt, one at a time, without a permit between 6pm and 11pm and must be fully extinguished by midnight. Fully extinguished means no heat, smoke or steam and no white ash present where the fire was situated.
  • No more than one pile of garden refuse is to be burnt at any one time. 
  • There must be one adult person/s in attendance at all times.

Note: No burning is permitted on days where the Fire Danger Rating is High or above. This includes piles after 6pm of where a permit may have been previously issued. 

When Permits to Burn begin, residents will be notified via the Shire’s website and social media pages that they can apply for a Permit to Burn online via the Shire’s website. 

Anyone registered for the Shire’s Bushfire Safety Information SMS tool will also be notified by SMS.

Shire President James Martin said the Shire introduced a new online Permit to Burn application in 2022. 

“The introduction of the new online Permit to Burn application last year streamlined our application process,” he said.

“Residents are able to apply online, with the application for a permit approved immediately when wanting to burn small piles before 6pm when conditions allow.” 

Approval from local brigade

Approval from the local fire brigade will still be required for permits for running fire, bonfires or windrows to ensure the brigade can check the conditions required have been met. 

Brigades can approve these without any face-to-face interaction via an online application on the Shire’s website, but volunteers may call an applicant if they require additional information.

Residents who are unable to access online permits will still be able to visit their local brigade on a Saturday morning to obtain a permit.

Brigade Permit Issuing Officers can complete the application online and either email or print it for the resident. This eliminates the need for permit books, reducing the Shire’s carbon footprint and costs.

When a permit to burn is due to expire at the end of seven days, residents will receive an automatic reminder to reapply by following a link.

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