Shire top recycler of eWaste

Published on Friday, 24 June 2022 at 10:19:57 AM

Over 33,202kgs of electronic waste was recycled in the Shire of Mundaring in 2021, placing the Shire in the top five councils in the metropolitan area for electronic waste (eWaste) recycling.


The Shire recycled old computers and other eWaste last year, which is equivalent to 0.85kgs per person.


Shire President James Martin said looking after the environment was important to the community.  


“It is fantastic too see the Shire has had a great recycling outcome,” he said.


“Thank you to our residents who have committed to correctly dispose of eWaste and protect our special environment that we all love.


“If we can continue to recycle eWaste correctly, we can successfully keep these toxic items from ending up in our landfill.”


Total Green Recycling recently presented the Shire with a framed photograph of a local landscape as an award.


eWaste including old computers and computer accessories, printing devices and television screens (both CRT and flat screen), can be recycled at the Coppin Road and Mathieson Road Community Recycling Centres.


Old mobile phones can be recycled at the Mundaring Library (Albert Facey Memorial Library), the Boya Library (Katharine Susannah Prichard Library) or the Shire’s Administration Centre.



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