Unrestricted burning period begins on 1 June

Published on Tuesday, 31 May 2022 at 3:57:45 PM

Shire of Mundaring will be entering the unrestricted burning period tomorrow, Wednesday 1 June.

Residents may now burn without a permit or time restrictions however please consider the following before lighting up:

  • Don’t burn wet or green leaves/branches
  • Notify your neighbours prior to lighting
  • Manage smoke if it is blowing over roads/or into houses
  • Ensure an appropriate mineral earth break is in place where you are burning
  • Have adequate means of extinguishing the fire
  • If you lose or are unable to control your burn, call 000

Burning responsibly

Follow these handy tips when carrying out fuel reduction burns:

  • Please check weather conditions, wind and temperature before burning
  • Only conduct burns after fine weather, when fuel is at its driest
  • Have a pressurised garden hose close by, ready for use
  • Monitor smoke levels
  • Extinguish thoroughly with water and monitor the site after burning


  • Burn without a garden hose nearby, ready for use
  • Smother a fire when adding extra fuel. Ensure air flow
  • Burn more than you can manage
  • Leave the burn site unattended when burning.

EOIs for winter burning workshops open

The Shire’s free winter burning workshops will start soon. If you are interested in joining a workshop please email winterburning@mundaring.wa.gov.au

More information

Read more about Air Quality and Smoke Management or call 9290 6742 to learn more about burning responsibly.

Learn about Burning Periods and Fire Danger Ratings

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