Prohibited at the Lake

To help everyone have an enjoyable experience and to keep the lake safe and clean, the following are prohibited at the lake: 

  • Dogs (except where they are approved in writing by the Shire or are registered Assistance Dogs (an authorisation card must be carried when entering the park)
  • All other pets (ie cats, horses/ponies, etc)
  • Motorised boats or model boats
  • Sailing boats
  • Confetti, funny string, or water balloons
  • Glass bottles on the sand or in the water
  • Off-road motorbikes or vehicles
  • Tent/shade pegs on lawn areas (to avoid breaking reticulation lines)
  • All motorised aircraft (including drones, which can only be used with prior approval of the Shire). Please email to request permission
  • Fishing.


Public access to Lake Leschenaultia is assessed on a regular basis. In November 2023, the Shire determined that public access to Lake Leschenaultia will be once again assessed to align with the Fire Danger Ratings. 

During summer, the lake will be closed to the public but open to campers on Extreme Fire Danger Rating days.

The lake will be closed to both the public and campers on Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating days.

To check for current and upcoming Fire Danger Ratings for Lake Leschenaultia go to the Bureau of Meteorology FDR page and look for the SWAN INLAND NORTH district. These ratings change daily so please use the projections for the upcoming days a as guide only.

Keep up to date with lake closures via the Lake Leschenaultia Facebook page.

Water safety

Lake Leschenaultia is a natural water body and lifeguards are not on duty. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s safety in and around the water. Children under five should always be within arm’s length of a parent or guardian. Please supervise the behaviour of your group around the pontoon.

As with all natural water bodies there may be organisms present that could be harmful to humans. People have been safely swimming at Lake Leschenaultia for more than 100 years so the risks are very low. The Shire provides information on any changes to the risk of swimming at the lake during the summer season.

In addition, the current water temperature is displayed at the main entrance gate daily.

If entering the water the following precautions are recommended:

  • Keep head above water
  • Avoid jumping or diving into water.

BBQ's and cooking at the Lake

If you would like to cook food at the Lake, please note the following:

  • Push button electric BBQ's are available for patrons to use
  • During a Total Fire Ban, use of personal gas BBQ's or burners is not permitted
  • During a Prohibited Burning Period, Weber-type BBQ's, roasting pits, pizza ovens or any solid fuel coals or heat beads are not permitted.

After hours

Use of the park or accessing the lake after the gates are closed is not allowed.  This is to provide the campers a quiet and enjoyable camping experience and to avoid the dangers presented by swimming in the dark. 


Alcohol is permitted at the Lake, however responsible consumption and behaviour is expected. Underage drinking will not be tolerated and police will be called.

More information and contact

For further information contact ​Perth Hills Mundaring Visitor Centre by calling 9290 6736 or email