Switch your thinking for business

Being energy efficient is one of the best ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint. Energy is indispensable in the modern world, but there are many ways we can be smarter about our use. The Switch Your Thinking program has lots of great ideas on how to become a more environmentally conscious business through actions such as recycling, reducing water use, green procurement, and more.

If your business is already doing great things to reduce its carbon footprint, you can apply for the Switched On Business Award! Up to four times a year, the Switched On Business Award celebrates sustainability action across local businesses within Partner Council areas.

Environmental management of your business

Visit business.gov.au – environmental management and your business to learn about:

  • Manage your environmental impact
  • Manage business waste
  • Manage energy use
  • Manage water use.

Waterwise businesses

The Water Corporation has produced a guide to assist existing commercial facilities and businesses to better understand water efficient irrigation and landscape management practices.

The guide is primarily aimed at facilities managers and their grounds maintenance staff to provide practical information, hands on maintenance advice and water efficient solutions.

Visit Water Corporation's website to download the Guide to Water Efficient Landscape and Irrigation for Waterwise Businesses.