Road Maintenance, Lighting and Signs

Report it/request it

Please contact us to:

  • Report a road issue or hazard e.g. pothole or edge breaks
  • Report a damaged sign or pavement marking
  • Request grading of a gravel road
  • Request road sweeping.

Road maintenance, reconstruction and resurfacing

The Shire is responsible for maintaining roads under its control and has scheduled road maintenance programs in place, including road sweeping and sealing of gravel roads. Grading of gravel roads is on request only.

Main Roads WA maintains Great Eastern Highway and Toodyay Road within the Shire boundaries.

Road reconstruction and resurfacing programs are developed from road condition surveys and prioritised on a needs basis to reflect current budgets. 

Residents are notified by letter prior to any reconstruction and/or resurfacing works commencing.

For a full list of roads on these programs, please contact us.

Road signs

The Shire is responsible for the installation and maintenance of street, No Through Road, Local Traffic Only and directional signage.

Main Roads WA is responsible for the installation and maintenance of Regulatory, Warning and Guide signs (including signs at traffic signals, highway directional signs and roundabouts). As a general rule all signs with yellow posts are MRWA responsibility.

Community Directional Signage guidelines and applications

Please note: Signs on Great Eastern Highway are now under the control of Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) and enquiries should be directed to MRWA.

For all other requests, please read the guidelines below before submitting the application form. When requested, and upon receipt of payment, supply and installation will be arranged by the Shire at an approved site.

Directional sign guidelines

  • Signs on all local roads must comply with the following:
    • The lowest edge should not interfere with pedestrian movement and / or restrict driver visibility.
    • The message should only relate to premises, the turn-off to which is on the same side of the road on which the sign is to be erected. Double sided signs, however, are permitted.
    • The legend should be restricted to the name of the specific community service e.g. ABC Church, Schools, Kindy’s, Doctors etc.
    • Colours are to be white on a blue background.
    • The supporting structure would normally be steel poles 50mm in diameter.
    • Signs to be allowed at a maximum of two locations.
    • The legend to comprise a maximum of two rows of lettering at each location, either by means of two plates 150mm high with 100mm high lettering (maximum 15 characters including spaces) or one plate 200mm high with two rows of 85mm high lettering (maximum 30 characters including spaces).
    • Standard length - 1 metre.
    • The maximum number of panels for any one intersection shall not exceed five and all shall be erected on the one post or set of posts below a street name sign.
  • The applicant to accept financial responsibility for maintenance and repair, such work to be undertaken by the Shire.
  • Should the sign be damaged by accident or vandalism and in the event that Council is unable to recover the cost, the applicant is to accept responsibility for repair or replacement if the sign is to be re-established.
  • That signs be erected in order of application with the first applicant taking the highest position.

Community Directional Signage Application (PDF)

Road markings

New line marking can be requested via writing to the Shire who will submit to Main Roads for their consideration and approval. 

Maintenance of all line marking, including double white lines, separation (single white) lines, lane lines, merging lines, painted median islands, stop lines, give way lines and road edge marking can be reported to Main Roads WA.

Street lighting

The Shire is responsible for the cost of new streetlights and the running costs of existing streetlights.

Lights are provided by Western Power.

If you are aware of any outages, safety, vandalism or maintenance problems for street lighting please contact Western Power.

More information and contact

For more information on roads, please contact Infrastructure Services on (08) 9290 6666 or email