Shire of Mundaring's Access and Inclusion Informing Strategy 2022/2026 demonstrates our commitment to enable equal opportunity for all people regardless of their ability, age, culture, sex, gender, or sexual orientation to access services and events, buildings and facilities, information, customer service, complaint mechanisms, consultation processes and employment.

As a public authority in Western Australia the Shire is required to plan for people with disability under the Disability Services Act 1993 (the Act). To achieve this the Shire commits to:

  • Lodging a plan that covers a period of maximum five years with the Department of Communities and maintaining a current plan
  • Describe in the plan how it was developed and reviewed in consultation with internal and external stakeholders, and be informed by this consultation
  • Provision of reasonable and equitable ways for any stakeholder to participate in stakeholder consultation
  • Themes within the plan that cover the seven Outcome areas listed under the Act
  • Report annually about progress on the plan.

Access and Inclusion Informing Strategy 2022/2026 

Please note: This Access and Inclusion Informing Strategy is available in alternative formats upon request including electronic and hard copy formats.

For more information about access and inclusion, please contact the Shire’s Coordinator Community Engagement on (08) 9290 6715 or email