Waste services

The Shire provides a waste and recycling collection services, including:

  • One 140 litre general waste bin (green top) collected weekly
  • One 240 litre recycling bin (yellow top) collected fortnightly.

A bulk and green waste verge collection is conducted annually.

Shire residents can also dispose of waste and items for recycling at its two Community Recycling Centres.

Visit our dedicated section on waste disposal and recycling, to find out about how to use your bins, bin and verge collection days, waste disposal sites, reporting an issue and more.

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Rates, payments and concessions

Owners of property and/or commercial enterprises within Shire of Mundaring are required to pay rates.

Rates are necessary for the Shire to provide facilities and services to the community. Examples include libraries, recreation facilities, road maintenance and upgrades, community safety and waste collections.

Rates are issued annually in July.

Property owners can pay rates in full, in instalments or enter into an agreed payment arrangement.

Rates notices are posted or emailed before each instalment date. 

Holders of a Pensioner, Senior or Veteran Affair concession card may be eligible for a rebate on their annual rates.

Visit our dedicated section on rates, to find out more about how rates are calculated, payment options, rebates and more.

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Bushfires, burning off and property preparedness

Suburbs in the Perth Hills are located in a Bushfire Prone Area.

It is vitally important that we all play our part in preventing bushfire and preparing our properties accordingly.

A free Shire service is available to help identify potential fire hazards on your property and to develop plans aimed at managing those risks.

Fire Hazard Inspection Officers can provide advice on:

  • How to identify bushfire risks that exist on your property and how to manage those risks
  • Fuel load measurement and management
  • Preparing your property for bushfires including shrub pruning and vegetation management advice
  • Winter hazard reduction burning training
  • Ensuring your property complies with the Shire’s Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice.

Visit our dedicated section on bushfires and fire management to find out more about fire bans and burning periods, permits to burn, the Shire's firebreak and fuel load notice, preparing for a bushfire and more. 

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Planning, building and renovating

Under State legislation, a Building Permit is required for most new building and renovating works including:

  • Single, group and multiple dwellings
  • Commercial structures
  • Garages and carports
  • Sheds, pergolas and patios
  • Additions, alterations and fit-outs
  • Earthworks
  • Fences and retaining walls
  • Swimming pools and decking
  • Water tanks.

New residents often have ideas on changes or additions they may like to make to their property. Discussing options with the Shire’s Planning and Environmental staff at an early stage is recommended to identify potential issues.

Planning approval may be required for a range of improvements or works including new buildings, vegetation clearing and earthworks.

Planning Officers are available to assist landowners through the approval process.

Visit our dedicated section on planning and building to find out more about building permits, planning approval, building in bushfire prone areas, building design and more.

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Protecting our natural environment

There is so much that you can do around your home and garden, to protect our natural environment and reduce your environmental footprint.

Visit our environment section to find out about being energy-wise, water-wise, recycling and minimising waste and how to encourage backyard biodiversity.

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More information and contact

If you have any questions about your property, please contact us.

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