Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice

Shire of Mundaring’s annual Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice (the Notice) identifies the requirements for all residents and ratepayers in preparing and maintaining their properties for the bush fire season.

Firebreaks, fuel loads and other hazard reduction requirements help to prevent the spread or extension of a bush fire, ultimately increasing the safety for our community.

Requirements listed in the Notice must be in place before 1 November each year and maintained up to 31 March the following year.

Given the bush fire threat in our community, it is important that all residents know what the requirements are for their property.

Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice (PDF)

What is a firebreak?

A firebreak means a strip or area of ground, not less than 3m in width, and 4m in height, immediately inside all external boundaries of any lot owned and/or occupied by you and situated within Shire of Mundaring, constructed to a trafficable surface that is kept and maintained totally clear of all flammable material and includes the pruning and removal of any living or dead trees, scrub or any other material encroaching into the vertical axis of the firebreak area.

Such firebreaks may be constructed by one or more of the following methods: ploughing, cultivating, scarifying, raking, burning, chemical spraying or other method as approved by an Authorised Officer.

Effective firebreaks

Firebreaks are there to reduce the spread of a low intensity fire and to provide safe access on your property to firefighters.

Firefighters need to be able to use the firebreak as a place of safety for themselves and their vehicles so that the fire will not travel under their vehicles or underfoot.

On days of strong winds or extreme conditions it is generally accepted that a 3m firebreak will be unlikely to stop a wildfire. The more fire prevention work you undertake, the greater the chance of your family and property surviving a fire.


Can brigades access your property safely? 

In order for emergency vehicles to access your property safely, firebreaks are required to be no less than 3m wide and have no less than 4m height clearance.

Firebreaks must be trafficable for a vehicle the size shown below.

Fire brigade truck size 4m high, 3m wide and 9m long

More information

For all Fire Emergencies where life or property is under threat, please call 000

Fire and Burning Information line on (08) 9290 6644

Shire of Mundaring Fire Safety Team can be contact via the below for general enquiries