Work Health and Safety Induction

Shire of Mundaring is committed to the safety of its community, workers and stakeholders. To support safe work health and safety practices, we require all contractors providing services to the Shire to complete this brief safety induction. All contractors and their workers must complete the induction prior to commencing any work or service for, or on behalf of the Shire. Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this task.

Induction Video

In the induction video, reference is made to the Shire's required Code of Conduct and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) procedure. These documents provide contractors with additional information. We recommend you read these documents as part of your induction.

Shire of Mundaring Employee Code of Conduct

PPE Procedure


Once you have watched the induction video and reviewed the Code of Conduct and PPE Procedure, please complete the questionnaire and submit your details using the online form below.   

Web Forms - WHS Questionnaire