Complaint No. SP 59 of 2016

The name of the council member about whom the complaint is made  The name of the person who made the complaint  A description of the minor breach that the standards panel find has occurred   Details of the action taken under section 5.110 (6) (b) or (c) Date of complaint Date of panel decision 
Jeans, Doug Jonathan Throssell (CEO) On 2 December 2016 Councillor Doug Jeans committed a minor breach under regulation 7 (1)(a) of the Local Government (Rules of Conduct) Regulations 2007 when accompanying, observing and supporting a Shire resident as she took photographs of documents the shire had decided not to release to her under the Freedom of Information Act 1992. The Standards Panel made an order under 5.110(6)(c) for one sanction under 5.110(6)(b): (i) that the council member complained about be publicly censured. The Shire's CEO complied with (i) of the Standards Panel Order. 13 December 2016 20 October 2021