The Shire encourages property owners to maintain and/or improve the verge area outside their property.

It is recommended that native vegetation is maintained in those areas where it occurs naturally.

Verge improvements

Property owners who wish to make improvements to their verge must submit a sketch plan and covering letter to the Shire’s Infrastructure Services Team in order to gain approval for the improvements prior to any work commencing. 

The Shire requires written advice of construction of property access (crossover), placement of objects (sea containers, temporary storage of vehicles, skip bins etc) and works within the verge, prior to works commencing. This ensures a permit can be considered and issued under the Thoroughfares Local Law.

The Shire has the authority to order the removal of any unauthorised verge improvements.


Weeds along the kerb line and footpaths are sprayed by contract.

Where a maintained verge exists, every effort is made not to spray in that area.

If you wish to add your verge to a list of properties not to be sprayed, please contact the Shire.

Find out about Weed Identification and Control.

Road reserve verges

Road reserve verges (Crown land) accommodate all essential services. Digging in the road reserve can damage these services and result in temporary loss of services to others. Such damage is expensive to repair, with costs being borne by the person/s responsible.

Excavating in the road reserve can be dangerous if electricity and gas are encountered, potentially resulting in injury or death.

The Shire does not support or encourage property owners to do such works within the road reserve.

Verge trees

 The Shire of Mundaring is committed to the preservation of trees and maintaining a balance between our environment and our infrastructure. Find out about removal and pruning of trees.

Bush verge protection and management

Bush verges are areas of native vegetation within the road reserve. Many of our bush verges contain declared rare flora (plants) and significant trees such as habitat trees or old growth trees. These environmental features must be protected and should be prioritised wherever possible.

Find out about Bush Verge Protection and Management

Burning of verges (fuel load reduction)

Refer to Public Land and Verges (Fire Management).

More information and contact

Please contact Infrastructure Services on 9290 6716 or email

Download the Verge Brochure (PDF)