Having problems with ongoing noise in your neighbourhood?

In the first instance, we recommend you:

  • Approach your neighbour to politely and respectfully explain how the noise is affecting you
  • Try to come to a ‘win-win’ resolution – for instance your neighbour may be able to continue the activity, perhaps for a shorter duration or at a time more convenient to you. 

Barking dogs

Please refer to our dedicated page on animal complaints.

Form noise complaints

If you would like one of the Shire’s Environmental Health Officers to investigate noise in your neighbourhood, please complete and submit the form below.

Noise Investigation Request Form (PDF)

You may be asked to complete a record of events, noting the date, time and duration of the noise emissions over at least a fortnight. A log sheet is provided below.

Noise Log Sheet (PDF)

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers may need to obtain sound level measurements from your property as part of the investigation.

If you have a complaint surrounding the use of drones in your area or on Shire land, you can report it to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.