The Shire’s Health Services frequently receives calls from owners wishing to find plans of where their effluent disposal system is located.

It is wise for owners to know where their effluent disposal system is located so that they may be able to respond quickly if it requires maintenance.

What records the Shire has to assist owners is largely dependent on the age of the house. For homes built 2008 onwards there will be digital records that are readily available. Homes built beforehand will require an archive search to obtain the records. Archive searches can take around a week to obtain.

Some homes pre-date the Shire records or the records are incomplete. However, the Shire can provide guidance to help identify where the effluent disposal system is likely to be. Note, landscaping and additional development can make this task difficult.

If an effluent disposal system is failing, urgent attention is given to assisting land owners locate their effluent disposal system.

If you would like assistance in obtaining plans for your property, please contact the Shire’s Health Services on 08 9290 6742 or email