Current burning period

We are currently in an UNRESTRICTED BURNING period.

During this period, you are permitted to burn without a permit.

Garden refuse you can burn without a permit

Residents can burn a small pile of garden refuse without a permit, under the following conditions:

  • No permits required.
  • Exercise caution and manage smoke nuisance.
  • There must be one adult in attendance at all times.

Did you know? You can view today's fire danger rating at the bottom of this webpage.

How to apply for a Permit to Burn

Permits are NOT required from 1 June 2023 until 30 September 2023 (inclusive)

Apply online

The online permit system allows for some permits to be automatically approved such as:

  • Up to sixteen 1 sqm piles of garden refuse at one time
  • Fire Pit (if lighting before 6pm).

Permits for the following types of fires will be sent to your local brigade by email for their assessment and approval:

  • Running fire
  • Bonfires
  • Windrows.

Once approved, you will receive your permit by email with any additional conditions added by a Fire Control Officer. Please note, if your permit requires brigade approval this may not be carried out until the following Saturday morning when volunteers are on station.

      Apply in person

      You can attend your local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade in person on a Saturday morning between 9am - 10am, to apply for a permit.

      Permit to Burn (terms and conditions)

      • There are standard conditions on your permit that must be adhered to. If any special conditions are required, these will be included with the standard conditions.
      • The permit is only approved once you receive an email confirmation with a Permit number.
      • Permits automatically approved will allow for burning to take place each day from 9am until midnight.
      • Permits will only be valid for 7 days (the 7 days will commence from the time the permit is approved and been emailed to the applicant)
      • A Fire Control Officer may contact you if further information is required.
      • Your local brigade will be notified of your permit for their operational awareness.
      • If required, Fire Control Officers may visit your property to ensure conditions of the permit are being met.
      • You must provide proof of your permit in paper/electronic form if requested by a Fire Control Officer.
      • Permits to Burn record the basic information about the burn such as the applicant’s name and address, the location and nature of the burn.
      • Online permit holders will be sent a reminder of their permit expiring one day before the date of expiration.
      • For all Emergencies Call 000.

      More information and contact

      Please contact the Shire's Fire Safety Team on (08) 9290 6696 or email