Under the requirements of the Builders Registration Act, an owner of a property may apply for an Owner Builders Licence. This allows an owner to build or sub-contract the building of their own residence. Find out how to apply to be an owner builder.

Owner Builder work is defined as:

  • Class 1a (i): A single dwelling being a detached house, including an extension to a house or a habitable building on the same property but separate to the main house such as a granny flat
  • Class 10: Buildings being a non-habitable building such as a private garage, carport, shed or the like
  • Small commercial building: Being a one or two-storey building with a floor space of less than 500sqm that is not a detached house, Class 10 building or farm building.

As Owner Builders, the total cost of labour and materials is to be included in the estimate cost of construction. The Building Surveyor can alter the construction costs if the figure given is unrealistic.

When the value of the works as estimated by the local government exceeds $20,000, every owner of the property must submit a Statutory Declaration, signed and witnessed by a Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Declarations, with the building application.

Fees are to be paid to the Building Commission with every Owner Builder statutory declaration.

Refer to current fees and charges.

Completed Statutory Declaration forms, together with the fee must be submitted directly to the Building Commission.

Note: The receipt/certificate is not an authority or approval for the local government to issue a Building Permit.

For more information, please contact the Shire’s Building Services on 9290 6660 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au.