Burning Periods



The Shire of Mundaring has four burning periods for the purposes of fire management. These times may be varied according to seasonal conditions with advertisements placed in local newspapers accordingly. Burning can be done only if to the following conditions.

RESTRICTED burning during COVID-19 🔥⚠️

What does it look like?

With Restricted burning commencing from the 1st April 2020 please read the below information in regards to burning of garden refuse.

With current circumstances we can all understand that Emergency Services or anyone for that matter should exercise SOCIAL DISTANCING and not come into contact with others unless absolutely necessary.

It is therefore necessary to put in place special SOCIAL DISTANCING measures in relation to the Restricted Burning period and the issuing (or otherwise) of Permits. To limit the exposure/interaction the following conditions have been set out.

Permits are now available online for more information click the link below;


1.Residents may burn if needed after 6pm so long as the following conditions are followed.

  • 1sqm piles of garden refuse may be burnt without a permit between 6pm and 11pm
  • ALL piles must be FULLY extinguished before midnight. (fully extinguished means no heat, smoke or steam and no white ash present where the fire was situated) and re-checked the next day
  • There MUST be one adult person/s in attendance at all times, with running water able to reach 2 metres past any pile.
  • NO burning if the Fire Danger Rating is VERY HIGH or ABOVE
  • Ensure smoke is managed and you notify your neighbours.

***Keeping in mind COVID-19 is a respiratory virus/disease, we don’t want to aggravate those who may be sick, asthmatic or vulnerable having to expose themselves and others by going to the hospital/doctors for care.***


2. Fire Control Officers will be ACTIVELY patrolling the shire to ensure burning is not occurring during the day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter given the circumstances. We all need each other during this time so let’s look out and after each other during this difficult time.

For further information on burning call the Fire and Burning Information line on 9290 6644 or go to our website. You can also sign up on our website to the SMS and be notified of changes to permits. All other fire related enquiries call 9290 6696 or email fse@mundaring.wa.gov.au

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​Chidlow9572 3016​CLOSED to Public
​Darlington9299 7217​CLOSED to Public
​Glen Forrest9298 8936​CLOSED to Public
​Mount Helena9572 1414 CLOSED to Public
​Mundaring9295 6555 CLOSED to Public
​Parkerville9295 4484 ​​CLOSED to Public
​Sawyers Valley9295 6166CLOSED to Public
​Stoneville9295 6457 ​​CLOSED to Public
​Wooroloo9573 1166 ​​CLOSED to Public

Fire and Burning Information Booklet
All ratepayers in the Shire of Mundaring have been sent the Fire & Burning Information Booklet (one per household) with their Rates Notice. Please refer to this booklet for more information on burning periods. Designed for long-term use, the new booklet will no longer be re-sent annually as it has been in previous years.

Going forward, a replacement booklet will only be sent to ratepayers should major changes occur to fire information and legal requirements. For this reason, the Shire advises that residents keep the booklet enclosed with their Rates Notice or refer to the online version.

The Firebreak and Fuel Notice 2019-2020 will still be sent annually with your rates pack.

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