Public access to Lake Leschenaultia is assessed on a regular basis. In November 2023, the Shire determined that public access to Lake Leschenaultia will be once again assessed to align with the Fire Danger Ratings. 

Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating: The lake will be closed to both the public and campers on Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating days.

Extreme Fire Danger Rating: The lake will be closed to the public but open to campers on Extreme Fire Danger Rating days.

However, the Shire's CEO, on advice and in consultation with the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, has the authority to keep the lake open to the public when the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme and local weather conditions are considered to be milder. 

Visitors to the lake are reminded that it's imperative to recognise that weather conditions can be unpredictable, and circumstances may change at short notice.

To check for current and upcoming Fire Danger Ratings for Lake Leschenaultia go to the Bureau of Meteorology FDR page and look for the SWAN INLAND NORTH district. These ratings change daily so please use the projections for the upcoming days a as guide only.

Keep up to date with lake closures via the Lake Leschenaultia Facebook page.