Litter is any refuse that is discarded in an open or public place. Litter can detract from the aesthetics of an area and, depending on the nature and circumstance of the litter, can cause personal injury and/or environmental damage.

There are many forms of littering and Shire of Mundaring will investigate all reports. To ensure everyone continues to enjoy our shire, we've placed litter bins on streets and parks throughout the area.

Litter can include:

  • Any material that is thrown or allowed to fall or is blown from a vehicle
  • The placing of waste in a reserve or public place
  • The placing of domestic waste in a public rubbish bin
  • The placing of bulk waste on your verge before the due date.

Littering is an offence under the Litter Act 1979 and modified penalties can be imposed.

Overflowing bins

Should there be a regular overflowing street side or park bin please contact Infrastructure Services on 9290 6666 or email to have the size or frequency of the collection reviewed. 

Illegal dumping

If you witness anyone dumping rubbish or litter in a public place, please contact the Shire's Community Safety Service on 9290 6629.

Keep Australia Beautiful and reporting offences

You can help to reduce litter by becoming a Keep Australia Beautiful WA registered Litter Reporter and reporting offences to Keep Australia Beautiful WA

Once you have registered you will be allocated an identification number and a kit will be forwarded to you.

More information and contact

Please contact Infrastructure Services on 9290 6716 or email