Our Environmental Asset Inspection service

The natural environment is protected under the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No.4 (LPS4), Local Biodiversity Strategy and other environmental legislation.

Proposed development that will impact on environmental assets may not be approved by the Shire, or may require significant changes or additional works to reduce the impact.

The Shire's Environmental Team offers a site inspection service to residents to identify environmental assets on a property.
Referred to as an Environmental Asset Inspection, we have made this service available so that a Shire Environmental Officer can provide residents with site-specific advice regarding environmental assets and issues. This information can then be taken into account in the design stages, rather than causing problems and delays for everybody during the planning application process.

Important note: The Shire's Environmental Officers will provide preliminary environmental advice and cannot give planning advice or undertake flora or fauna surveys. Generally, this service will be sufficient for most applications for single dwellings or outbuildings and it is unlikely that additional environmental surveys will be required. However, if there are significant environmental issues identified, you may be required to engage an Environmental consultant.

Examples of key environmental assets

Examples of key environmental assets and features assessed during an EAI include:

  • Protected Local Natural Area (LNA) / other natural bushland
  • Watercourse, creek, wetland, waterlogged area, dam
  • Slopes steeper than 20 degrees
  • Granite outcrop
  • Habitat trees / other significant trees
  • Suspected or known Dieback infestation
  • Known Declared Rare Flora population
  • Known Threatened Fauna population
  • Known Threatened Ecological Community.

Requesting an inspection

If a proposed development is likely to impact any of the above environmental key assets and features, then you should consider booking a visit from a Shire Environmental Officer. You can also request that a visit takes place at the same time as a Bushfire consultant is undertaking the initial Bushfire Attack Level assessment.

Please note that a $100 service fee is required for a Shire Environmental Officer to visit a property and provide advice.

To request an inspection complete the form below and submit it via email to shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au, or in person to the Shire of Mundaring.

Application for Environmental Assets Inspection (PDF)

The Environmental Assets Inspection service will include a site visit of approximately 30 minutes, verbal on-site advice and a follow-up summary letter and site plan showing any identified environmental assets (emailed or posted to the applicant after the site visit).

More information and contact

For more information or advice, please contact the Shire's Environmental Officers on 9290 6651 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au