Sporting grounds

The Shire of Mundaring has numerous major sporting ovals used by Clubs and Associations throughout the Summer and Winter seasons.

  • Brown Park Ovals - Salisbury Road, Swan View
  • Chidlow Oval - Old Northam Road, Chidlow
  • Glen Forrest Oval - Marnie Road, Glen Forrest
  • Darlington Oval - Pine Terrace, Darlington
  • Elsie Austin Oval - Chidlow Street, Mt Helena
  • Harry Riseborough Oval - Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring
  • Boya Oval (Helena Valley) - Scott Street, Helena Valley
  • Mundaring Oval - Mundaring Weir Road, Mundaring
  • Mundaring Hard Courts - Mundaring Weir Road, Mundaring
  • Parkerville Oval - Seaborne Street, Parkerville
  • Sawyers Valley Oval - Great Eastern Highway, Sawyers Valley.

These grounds are also available for casual bookings.

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Tennis courts and clubs

Most tennis courts in the Shire of Mundaring are leased but are available for casual hire.  To book, please refer to the relevant contact listed below under Casual Tennis Court Hire. 

If you are interested in joining a tennis club, contact the relevant club using the details provided in the listings below.

Brown Park (South) Tennis Courts

Location: Beresford Gardens, Swan View

Court Bookings: Shire of Mundaring.

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Chidlow Tennis Courts

Location: Old Northam Road, Chidlow

Court Bookings: Shire of Mundaring.

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Darlington Tennis Courts

Location : Owen Road, Darlington

Book Online through Darlington Tennis Club.

Darlington Tennis Club 

Glen Forrest Tennis Courts

Location: Marnie Road, Glen Forrest

Book Online through Glen Forest Tennis Club

Glen Forrest Tennis Club: Call Simon St Pierre on 0409 295 695

Helena Valley Tennis Courts

Location: Scott Street, Helena Valley

Court Bookings: Call Jan McKenzie on 9294 4484

Helena Valley Tennis Club

Mahogany Creek Tennis Courts

Location: Jacoby Street, Mahogany Creek

Book Online through Mahogany Creek Tennis Club.

​Mahogany Creek Tennis Club: Call ​Noelene Wigmore on ​0407 919 703

Mount Helena Tennis Courts

Location: Chidlow Street, Mount Helena

Book Online through the Helena Tennis Club.

Mount Helena Tennis Club: Call Jeremy 0411 580 903 or Addy van Dalen on 0407 411 073

Mundaring Tennis Courts

Location: Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring

Book Online through Mundaring Tennis Club. 

Mundaring Tennis Club: Call Pam Wilkinson on 0427 526 991 or June Vondeling on 0408 098 077