About Containers for Change

To help encourage more Western Australians to collect and return their beverage containers, Containers for Change will provide a 10-cent refund for each eligible beverage container that is returned.

The scheme aims to:

  • Increase recovery and recycling
  • Reduce litter and landfill
  • Provide opportunities for social enterprise and benefits for community organisations
  • Create opportunities for employment
  • Complement existing collection and recycling activities for recyclable waste

Containers for Change also provides an exciting fundraising opportunity for schools, local sports clubs, community groups, charities and worthwhile causes; the scheme will also create hundreds of jobs across Western Australia.

Drop-off locations

The Shire’s approved refund point is a drive through facility designed to handle returns of all sizes. This allows customers to claim their refunds effortlessly by electronic funds transfer to their nominated bank account.

Container Refund Point Location

Coppin Road Community Recycling Centre, Mundaring.

Opening hours of the Refund Point

Monday and Tuesday 8.30am – 3.30pm
Closed Wednesdays
Thursday and Friday 12.30pm – 4.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 3.30pm
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday

Which containers are eligible for a refund?

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund. To be eligible the product must be included in the Western Australian scheme.

View list of eligible containers

How it works

  1. Sign up for your own member number to receive your refund via a direct deposit into your bank account by visiting Containers for Change (WA)
  2. Start collecting your eligible containers
  3. Drop off your eligible containers to the refund point
  4. The containers are counted and recorded by the operator who transfers money electronically to your nominated bank account.

Fight the fill from the palm of your hand

The new Containers for Change app can be downloaded from the App Store or on Google Play. It is a great tool to access on your electronic device to:

  • Find the closest Containers for Change refund point
  • Scan to check that your 10c containers can be returned to a Containers for Change refund point
  • Save multiple member numbers to your wallet and access them with the tap of a finger
  • Learn top tips on how to collect, return and donate your 10c containers
  • Track the number of 10c containers you've saved, the money you've earned, and your charitable donations

Bins and Collection Service

If you are a business, school or community group the Shire offers assistance with provision of bins and a collection service. Please email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au or telephone 9290 6691 for further details.


How can I donate containers to a community group or charity?

There are several options for donating your containers:

  • Drop off your containers at a Donation Point

  • Donate to a charity or community group by using the charity or community group's member number at the Refund Point.

How do I become a Donation Point and fundraise for my community?

The Shire of Mundaring supports businesses, schools and community groups by providing bins and on-demand pick-ups.

If you are interested in becoming a donation point and undertake fundraising for your community via the Containers for Change scheme, please email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au.

Do lids need to be removed from beverage containers before taking them to a Refund Point?

Yes, lids should be removed from containers for the following reasons:

  • Removing the lids helps with the crushing of containers at processing facilities
  • Plastic lids are usually made from different plastics to the bottle, so separating the plastics makes the bottles easier to recycle lids are recyclable.
  • Lids can be taken to various drop-off locations to be recycled. Containers for Change Points will also collect lids for recycling, just remove them from the container first.

Can crushed or damaged containers be accepted?

While some light crushing is permissible, the Refund Point must be able to identify the container as an eligible container.

If you are unsure, you should check with the Refund Point where you intend to return the containers.

What happens to the containers redeemed at refund points?

Containers returned to refund points will be sorted into material type (glass, aluminium, PET plastic or HDPE plastic etc.). The sorted containers will then be sent for further processing and delivered to a final recycling destination.

What if I have more questions?

Visit the Containers for Change website frequently asked questions page for further information.

More information and contact 

Please contact Infrastructure Services on (08) 9290 6716 or email C4C@mundaring.wa.gov.au.