Weeds are introduced plants that can have negative impacts on natural environments, bushfire fuel loads and amenity.

Weed control is a shared responsibility across land owners and managers, including the Shire of Mundaring.

Priority weeds and control methods

It is impossible to eradicate all weed species. Shire resources and weed control efforts are prioritised towards weeds that have the worse impacts (such as rapid spreading, or increased bushfire risk). 

The Shire maintains a Priority Weeds List to guide staff, residents and environmental volunteers. 

All methods of weed control include some degree of risk, mainly to the person undertaking weed control activities. Tools, machinery, manual labour and herbicides all have risks that must be managed.

The most appropriate method of weed control will depend on the weed species, location, and resources available.

Shire staff will use a variety of weed control methods but seek to limit over-use of chemicals.

More information on priority weeds and control methods used by the Shire are provided in the documents below:

Weed Control Position Statement (PDF)

Priority Weeds and Control Options (PDF)

Weed control on verges -  a shared responsibility

As noted above, management of verges is a shared responsibility. Shire staff and Shire contractors will focus on Flora Roads, verges adjacent to nature reserves, and priority weed species. The Shire will provide instructions to contractors to ensure the careful use of herbicides on road reserves.

Residents who are concerned about use of chemicals on adjacent verges can undertake their own non-chemical weed control. Information on local weeds including the Plants Out of Place book can be provided to help residents identify and remove weeds. Shire staff or contractors undertaking spraying for priority weeds on verges will then not need to apply any treatment to that verge.

Plants out of Place (PDF)

Removing Eastern State Wattles (PDF)

Removing Bulbous Weeds (PDF)

Planting more local native plants

Shire of Mundaring encourages the planting of more native plants on your property. Refer to our section on Your Home and Garden to find out how you can create a more waterwise garden.

For more information on designing and establishing a native garden, see the Shire's Landscape and Revegetation Guidelines.

More information and contact

For more information, please contact the Shire’s Environmental Team on 9290 6651 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au.