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  • Yonglong's Family Day Care
    2023 - Not taking enrolments Yonglong's Family Day Care is an education and care service in Queens Park. I began my career as a family day care educator on 5/1/2015 and have looked after many children of all ages, religions and countries. This provides our children with the opportunity to experience different languages, food, songs and customs from these cultures. I myself, am Chinese. I come from a Chinese background and I speak Mandarin. At care, I speak both Mandarin and English to the children as I believed that Mandarin is a great second language for children to learn. As an educator, I create best learning environments for children and also cater for healthy and delicious food (A balanced meal to meet children's dynamic growth needs) We welcome you to join our wonderful family day care and see your child's learning grow. Please take the opportunity to meet me and book a tour. Yonglong
    Yonglong Chen
    0433 629 850