When a demolition permit is required

You need a Demolition Permit from the Shire’s Building Services for demolition work on a whole or part of a building or structure.

Buildings such as patios, sheds, pergolas and alfrescos (classified as freestanding Class 10 buildings or incidental structures), which have a floor area of less than 40m2 and will not affect the safety and health of the occupants of the building if demolished, may be exempt.

Contact us to check if your project requires a Demolition Permit.

Apply for a demolition permit

To apply for a demolition permit, submit the following:

Where applicable, your application must include:

  • The number and location of any septic tanks on the site must be identified
  • Evidence of rat baiting from a licensed pest control company
  • Permission granted for work to affect any other land
  • Receipts of decommissioning septic and leach drain system
  • Permission granted by the Heritage Council of WA.

Requirements for demolition work

Disconnect utilities and advise service providers

Prior to demolition work, all utilities must be disconnected (electricity, water, gas and telecommunications) and service providers must be notified of the demolition work.

Website address and contact details are provided below:

Health requirements

Find out about demolition permit health requirements, including:

  • Rodent baiting
  • Septic tanks
  • Asbestos.

More information and contact

For more information, please contact Building Services on 9290 6660 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au.