The excavation shall be boxed out to a minimum of 100mm below the proposed finished level. A minimum of 100mm depth of concrete pavement is specified for residential crossovers, and a minimum of 150mm depth for industrial crossovers.


Where the subgrade consists of clay material F52 weld mesh reinforcement is to be used and is to be centrally placed in the concrete slab.


Expansion joints shall be incorporated at the kerb line and at the property boundary and shall consist of full depth joints 10mm wide and shall be filled with bitumen impregnated or similar approved material.

Contraction joints shall be made in the form of plain dummy joints and finished with an approved tool. The maximum distance between contraction joints shall be 3.0m.

Placing concrete

The base must be thoroughly and evenly moistened but not saturated prior to placing concrete.

All stones or other deleterious material must be removed from the base before pouring concrete.

Concrete must be evenly placed to the depth specified and shovelled into position continuously and spaded, especially at all edges, to give maximum density.

No break in operations is permitted from time of placing to finishing except as authorised by the Shire.


The finish must be obtained by screening to correct levels and wood floating to provide a nonslip dense surface.

Ensure the final surface is free from anything that may cause excessive surface wear, including:

  • Depressions
  • Flat marks
  • Irregularities
  • Honeycomb sections
  • Accumulation of fine dusty accretions.

The final surface finish must be to the satisfaction of the Shire.

Restoration of water channel

Where kerbing has been removed to permit the construction of a crossover, the water channel shall be restored by creating a lip 25mm in height between the road surface and the surface of the reconstructed kerbing (ie: the front edge of the crossover).

Site tidying

On completion all surplus material is to be removed and the site of the works left clean and tidy. The edges of the concrete crossover are to be backfilled with suitable material.

Drainage pipes (if applicable)

All drainage pipes are to be ‘X’ class concrete and shall be spigot and socket rubber ring joint type unless otherwise authorised by the Shire. Minimum pipe size is 300mm wide diameter or as determined by Council’s Engineering Service. Reject pipes or second-hand pipes are not acceptable.

Headwalls (if applicable)

Headwalls are to be constructed from in situ concrete, precast concrete, stone or brick. 

Standard crossover details

Standard crossover details diagram (PDF)

More information and contact

For more information contact Infrastructure Services on  9290 6716 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au