Did you know that Australia generates about 67 million tonnes of waste a year, and that figure is increasing?

The cost of food waste alone to the economy is estimated at $20 billion each year.

We all need to take action on waste, and there are so many things each of us can do in our own homes.

The following information has been provided to educate and inspire our community to recycle and minimise waste.

Grab n Go Reuse Shop (secondhand items)

Shire of Mundaring has a reuse shop at both Community Recycling Centres (Coppin Road, Chidlow and Mathieson Road, Mundaring).

You can donate a large range of household items that still have some life in the, as well as pick up any items that you may need yourself - free of charge.

To find our more visit Community Recycling Centres.

Containers for Change (10c refund on eligible drink containers)

Every year in Western Australia, we use 1.3 billion drink containers!

The Containers for Change initiative offers a 10c refund for eligible drink containers returned.

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be saved.

Find out more about Containers for Change, including refund points in the Shire of Mundaring.

drumMUSTER (recycling of chemical containers)

drumMUSTER provides Australian agricultural and veterinary chemical users with a recycling pathway for eligible empty agvet chemical containers.

Find out more, including DrumMUSTER collection dates in the Shire of Mundaring.

Composting and worm farming

Composting your food scraps through a compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions and ensures less waste ends up in landfill.

Find out more about composting and worm farming.

Recycle Right

Recycle Right encourages and assists residents and businesses in Western Australia to recycle, reduce their waste and live more sustainably.

The Recycle Right website provides great tips and advice, including an A-Z guide to help you learn where to recycle or dispose of waste.

BYO Containers - Trashless Takeaway, Butchers, Groceries and Delicatessens

BYO Containers provide a helpful website to locate businesses willing to use reusable containers for takeaway including cafes, delis and some beauty products. Their aim is to assist individuals to reduce waste and save money.