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  • ​Farzana's Family Day Care
    Welcome to Farzana's Family Day Care. "Children are Confident and Involved Learners" Ref: Early Years Learning Framework. I am Farzana Kamal, qualified educator since 2017. I am married and have 2 beautiful girls of my own. At Farzana's Family Day Care, I provide quality education and care in an aim to help children become independent learners / leaders by assisting in their learning areas. I assure warm, loving, enjoyable and safe atmosphere for children to feel a sense of belonging and contribute to their world around them. Each child is unique with different interests, backgrounds and developmental stages. I am convinced that a child expresses their range of skills when they are provided with a comfortable and flexible learning environment to explore and investigate their ideas and imaginations. At Farzana's Family Day Care, the goal of my program is to make ongoing learning experiences for the children safe, fun and nurturing so children can develop their self-esteem and feel the excitement for continued learning. I am a passionate educator who is committed to assist little learners together with help of their families to bring out their best version of themselves.
    Farzana Kamal
    0431 389 004