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  • ​Little Numbats Family Day Care
    Caroline Kain
    0433 925 285
  • Casa Bambini Family Day Care
    Marisa Adamson
    0408 954 031
  • Cecilia's Family Day Care
    Cecilia Skinner
    0438 882 240
  • Claudia's Family Day Care
    Hi, my name is Claudia and I am a mother to four children, I have run Family Day Care since 2005 on and off as having my own children in between this time. I have been back to family day care since November 2014. I believe in guiding children in developing a good self-esteem through play and interactions with myself and each other. All children are unique, and all children obtain and gain a sense of belonging and grow within a safe and nurturing environment and through trusting relationships with others. I highly believe in providing the best possible care and early learning education, giving each child the chance to safely and freely develop their skills, interests and personality with help and guidance. I believe in working together with families to give each child the care they need and communicate freely and respectfully between myself and families. Partnerships are based on the understanding of each other's expectations, together with families; children are assisted in preparing for transition into school. I believe in a positive outlook and nurturing the development of each child to his/her needs. As an educator I will be providing opportunities for children to acquire new knowledge. I believe that as an educator time should be taken to watch and listen to children during play and being responsive to children's learning and play. Multiple strategies are embraced to promote healthy learning. I believe my environment should be friendly and welcoming. I shall endeavour to maintain a safe and clean environment for all children to play and learn, encouraging exploration and self-learning. I believe children should have opportunities to go out and contribute to their own community. I believe recognising connections between children, families and communities are essential for embracing partnerships and learning. I will aim to provide a range of outdoor and indoor activities that will stimulate and help the children to grow in a healthy, secure, respectful and positive attitude towards themselves and others. Children should be valued regardless of age, race, culture or disability. I believe highly that children's rights should be respected at all times. I also believe that children are able to recognise and respect feelings of others and to interact positively when they are and feel valued. I believe through play, children learn, explore, experiment, share with and accept others, enjoy, discover and contribute to the world around them Claudia's Family Day Care service will at all times endeavour to provide quality education and care to each child.
    Claudia Ancuta
    0466 895 971
  • Ellenbrook Family Day Care
    Melanie Ho
    0401 681 574
  • Kids R Kids Family Day Care
    Kids R Kids Family Day Care believes in providing children with a warm, inclusive, educational and stimulating environment, to ensure that all children have the best start in life to create a better future for them. I believe that children should be treated with respect and dignity, to feel safe and secure, to have opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers. My aim is to provide programs that include a combination of adult lead and child initiated experiences as I believe that children should have input into the experiences that are provided for them. Children's early learning influences their life chances. I understand that each child's family knows their child best and I will work in partnership with families to ensure the best outcomes for children and to support children's learning, wellbeing and development.
    Rajvinder Kaur
    0416 350 009
  • Precious Little Learners Montessori Family Day Care
    Dhivya Nelthropp
    0449 913 330
  • The Little Sunshines Day Care
    Hi, my name is Natasha and I am a mother to a wonderful child for 6 years now. Its been a great journey so far and I realised my passion for caring for other children through my own. Therefore, I have started The Little Sunshines Day Care to welcome all sunshines to have their day brightened in my care. I believe a child's opinion must be valued for its validity to their perspective and their autonomy and initiative needs to be respected. I believe in the importance and relevance of play in a child's development. Through play, children learn, explore, experiment, share, enjoy, contribute and connect to the world around them. Embracing cultural diversity in the community we live in, is very much encouraged by The Little Sunshines Day Care. I will aim to provide stimulating activities that will help the children nurture a positive attitude towards themselves and others. The Little Sunshines Day Care will ensure quality learning and care to every child individually.
    Natasha Sandran
    0430 363 126