Gift Register

Council members, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other local government employees occasionally receive gifts.

As part of the Local Government Act Review, a new gift framework has been developed that provides a transparent system of accountability, so that members of the community can have confidence in the decision-making of their elected representatives.

Council members and the CEO must declare any gift received in their capacity as a council member or CEO valued at $300 or above (or the cumulative value of gifts from one donor exceeds $300 in a 12-month period). Section 5.87A and 5.87B.

If a council member receives any gift valued at $300 or above and the donor has a matter before council, the council member must disclose an interest and remove themselves from the meeting (unless approval is granted by council or the minister). The donor becomes a closely associated person in accordance with section 5.62.

Similarly, gifts received by the CEO will exclude them from involvement in a matter requiring a local government decision (unless approval is granted by council or the minister).

Gifts that will not create an interest are those involving attendance at events as approved by council in accordance with the attendance at events policy, and those from specified entities.

The new definition of a gift in the Act now includes contributions to travel.

The CEO has made a determination, under regulation 19AF of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996,  that the threshold amount for employees to accept gifts is $20. 

CEOs are responsible for publishing and maintaining a gift register on the local government's website, which needs to be updated within 10 days of a disclosure being made.

Gift Register
Name of person making disclosure Description of gift Name and address of person who made gift Date gift was received Estimated value of gift at time it was made Nature of relationship between person who made gift and person who received gift For a gift that is a travel contribution - description and date of travel For an excluded gift under s.5.62(1B)(a): the date of the approval refereed to in s.5.62(1B)(a)(ii) and the reasons for the approval
Jenny Lucas Cash (declined) Max Pinner
13/01/2022 $50.00 This was given as the patron heard my property was impacted by the bush fire and they wanted to do something nice for me.
Lisa Joy on behalf of Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre Staff Christmas Food Lunch Platters (pizza) Parents of children at Midvale Early Childhood and Parenting Centre
16/12/2021 $250.00 Parents at child care centre
Elizabeth Lewis on behalf of Mundaring Library Staff Pecan, fig and burnt caramel nougat Hilary Burn
11/12/2021 $7.00 Library patron
Lauren Pedeferri Box of chocolates Monique Beesley
29/11/2021 $7.00 Youth CREW Member
Ana Fernandez, Executive Assistant to CEO Flowers Dani Deliu, Parky Pitstop Lunchbar
01/11/2021 $15.00 Supplier
Lee McMaster, Library Officer Home made baked goods Barbara Groodleat, Clackline
26/10/2021 $5.00 Library patron
Liam Sexton, Planning Officer Chocolates Catherine Holloway
18/10/2021 $7.00 Shire customer
Lauren Buckels, Library Officer Bread Unknown
04/10/2021 $10.00 Unknown
Cr John Daw, Shire President Dinner at presentation evening Marloo Theatre
04/10/2021 $20.00 None
Elizabeth Lewis, Acting Senior Library Officer Family pack of Tim Tams Carol Nichols
28/09/2021 $4.50 None
Marion Laskowski, Library Officer Family pack of Tim Tams Carol Nichols
28/09/2021 $4.50 None
Cr John Daw, Shire President 2 Tickets to Rotary Mundaring 50th Anniversary Dinner Mark Williamson (Rotary Club) Mundaring
29/05/2021 $90.00 Organisers of Rotary Markets, Shire provides event approvals
Rhonda Clarke, Information Management Officer 2 bars of chocolate Brendon Powell
24/05/2021 $20.00 No personal relationship; fire impacted resident
Cr John Daw, Shire President Invitation x2 to City of Swan Lord Mayor Dinner Cr Kevin Bailey - City of Swan
04/04/2021 $502.00 None Approval Date: 21/04/2021
Prescribed Information: Invitation x2 to City of Swan Lord Mayor Dinner
Cr Doug Jeans, Councillor Invitation to City of Belmont Stakeholder Race Day City of Belmont
215 Wright Street, Cloverdale WA 6105
27/03/2021 $185.00 None Approval Date: 21/07/2021
Prescribed Information: Invitation to City of Belmont Stakeholder Race Day
Jodie Snow, Facilities Booking Officer Box of chocolates Karen Beale - Rotary Club - Mundaring
03/03/2021 $15.00 Facilities hirer
Colleen Redmond, Community Facilities Officer Bunch of flowers Karen Beale, Mundaring Chamber of Commerce
16/02/2021 $12.50 Events customer
Shire Rangers Box of biscuits Sue from Pound Watch
21/12/2020 $20.00 None
Boya Library Staff Homemade biscuits and bottle of sparkling wine Doug Fraser on behalf of Novel Ideas Book Club
16/12/2020 $20.00 Library patron
Amanda Rowe, Senior Library Officer - Boya Library Small plate of home-made biscuits Helena Hercik (volunteer at Boya Library)
15/12/2020 $5.00 Ex-employee, now volunteer
Sylvia Rosenstreich, Casual Library Officer - Boya Library 8 individually wrapped small fruit cakes Dale Thomson - Swan Districts Lions Club
15/12/2020 $20.00 Volunteer at Boya Library
Mundaring Library Staff Individually wrapped small cakes Swan Districts Lions Club
Midland 6056
14/12/2020 $24.00 Libraries sell their Christmas cakes
Jasmine Wittber, Library Officer Chocolates Mrs Dot Durkin
09/12/2020 $6.00 Library patron
Michelle Tozer, Library Officer 5 individually wrapped biscuits Jennifer Mars, Children's Author
Suburb unkown
04/12/2020 $10.00 Reads her book to Storytime
Amanda Rowe Senior, Library Officer One individually wrapped biscuit Jennifer Mars, Children's Author
Suburb unkown
02/12/2020 $2.00 Reads her book to Storytime
All Mundaring Library Staff Chocolates Anna McEvoy
Suburb unknown
30/11/2020 $4.00 Library patron
Kirk Kitchin, Manager Recreation & Leisure River cruise with food and drinks Guru Productions Pty Ltd
27/10/2020 $73.00 Supplier of tourism promotions
Kirk Kitchin, Manager Recreation and Leisure Shortbread, lollipops, usb stick, pencils Leonie McDerby - Select Staging Concepts
Lilydale VIC
07/04/2020 $30.00 Supplier of stage at Mundaring Arena
Allan Entwistle, Fire Hazard Inspection Officer Gift Card Steve, Avon Tree Management
Avon Tree Management
20/12/2019 $200.00 Contractor to Shire of Mundaring
Eric Gough (Shane Purdy on behalf of), Supervisor Turf and Reticulation BP super wash vouchers for free car wash Harry Peppiatt, Midland Mitsubishi
Midland WA 6056
18/12/2019 $30.00 Contractor - provides fleet services
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Register of Gifts and Travel to 18 October 2019

Prior to the amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 proclaimed on the 18 October 2019, local governments were required to maintain a register of gifts and travel contributions received by the Mayor, Elected Members, Chief Executive Officer and relevant employees. This register is now redundant but is required to remain publicly available.

View Register of Gifts and Travel to 18 October 2019