Burning Periods and Fire Danger Ratings

Current burning period

We are currently in the  UNRESTRICTED BURNING period

Shire of Mundaring entered the unrestricted burning period ,1 June 2022.
Residents may now burn without a permit or time restrictions however please consider the following before lighting up:
  • Don’t burn wet or green leaves/branches
  • Notify your neighbours prior to lighting
  • Manage smoke if it is blowing over roads/or into houses
  • Ensure an appropriate mineral earth break is in place where you are burning
  • Have adequate means of extinguishing the fire
  • If you lose or are unable to control your burn, call 000
The Shire’s winter burning workshops will start soon. If you are interested in joining a workshop please email winterburning@mundaring.wa.gov.au 

Fires and Emergencies

For ALL fires and emergencies call 000.

Indicative burning periods (dates are subject to change)

Shire of Mundaring has three burning periods for the purposes of fire management. Burning period dates may be varied due to climate or weather conditions. Variations will be advertised here, in local newspapers and the Shire's Facebook page.

Prohibited Burning - December, January, February and March

All burning, including garden refuse is prohibited during this period.

Restricted Burning - April, May, October and November

A 1sqm pile of garden refuse may be burnt without a permit after 6pm. You must obtain a permit to burn before 6pm and follow permit conditions.

Unrestricted Burning - June, July, August and September

No permits required. exercise caution and manage smoke nuisance.
 Further Information can be found in the Fire and Burning Information Booklet 

Fire Danger Ratings (Lower West Inland)

The Fire Danger Rating tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one started.

Ratings are forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology, based on weather and other environmental conditions such as fuel load.

  • Catastrophic - Leaving early is the safest option. Homes are not designed to withstand fires in catastrophic conditions.
  • Extreme, Severe - Leaving early is the safest option. Only consider staying if you are prepared to the highest level.
  • Low-Moderate, High, Very High - Keep yourself informed and be ready to act if necessary.

Shire of Mundaring’s fire weather district is LOWER WEST INLAND.

More information and contact

For more information on burning call the Fire and Burning Information line on 9290 6644.

Register for Bushfire SMS Notification

For all other fire related enquiries call 9290 6696 or email fse@mundaring.wa.gov.au