Comments Invited - Proposed Licensed Bar and Restaurant – (Lot 27) 4 Montrose Avenue, Darlington (Closed)

Details of the proposal are available for viewing in the links below, including a copy of the development plans and supporting documentation. This information will be available during the advertising period, 28 February - 21 March 2022. A copy of the development plans will also be available for viewing at the Shire offices during the advertising period.

Comments on the proposal may be submitted:

Comments are to be submitted before 4pm on 21 March 2022.

If the matter proceeds to a Council meeting, submissions may be incorporated into a Council report and the submitters invited to attend that Council meeting.

To protect your confidentially, it is the Shire’s practice to leave names and addresses of individual submitters out of public documents wherever possible. However, the names and addresses of submitters may be made available to Shire staff and/or Councillors involved in the decision making process.

You can choose to make an anonymous submission, although without an understanding of your proximity to the subject site, your submission might be given less weight in the assessment and determination process.

For more information, please contact the Shire's Planning Service.

Contact Details

Phone: 9290 6740


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