About eRates

eRates enables you to receive your annual and instalment rate notices by email.

In addition to being an easy and convenient way to receive your rates notice, it also helps our environment through reduced paper, printing, envelopes and postage. 

Register for eRates

The link below will take you to an online registration form. If you require assistance with your registration, please complete this online form.  Please note you will require your assessment number to register for eRates. If you don't have your assessment number, please contact our team via rates@mundaring.wa.gov.au or call us on (08) 9290 6666.

eRates Registration Form


  • Only one email address is allowed for each rates notice
  • If you are not the owner or agent for the property, you cannot register for eRates
  • If there is more than one property owner and both owners register for eRates, notice/s will be sent to the email of the person who registered last
  • The registration process closes fourteen (14) days before the rate notice is sent to you
  • If your eRates registration is not received in time for when the next notice is sent out, you will receive your rate notice by post.