An efficient and reliable communications network in the Shire is critical for a connected and safe community. New telecommunications infrastructure needs to be compatible with, and not detriment to, the Shire’s important landscape context. 

Planning approval requirements

When planning approval is not required (exemptions)

Under the Telecommunications Act 1997, the following telecommunication infrastructure is exempt from the requirement to obtain development approval:  

  1. A low-impact facility described in the Telecommunications (Low-Impact Facilities) Determination 1997
  2. Inspection and maintenance 
  3. A temporary defence facility; and  
  4. A facility authorised by a Facilities Installation Permit issued under the Telecommunications Act

When planning approval is required

In circumstances when telecommunication infrastructure is not exempt under the Telecommunications Act, planning approval from the Shire is required.  For example, infrastructure such as new mobile telecommunication towers are not low-impact facilities and require development approval. 

A property’s zoning can be found using the Shire’s online GIS mapping (Intramaps).

Shire considerations when assessing development applications

In accordance with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, the Shire considers the following when determining a development application:

  1. The aims and provisions of LPS4
  2. Any approved State Planning Policy
  3. The compatibility of the development with its setting
  4. The amenity of the locality; and
  5. The suitability of the land for the development taking into account the possible risk to human health or safety.

The Shire must also have regard to State Planning Policy 5.2 Telecommunications Infrastructure (SPP5.2). SPP5.2 aims to balance the need for effective telecommunications services and effective roll-out of networks, with the community interest in protecting the visual character of local areas.

The objectives of SPP5.2 are to:

  • Facilitate the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner to meet community needs
  • Manage the environmental, cultural heritage, visual and social impacts of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Ensure that telecommunications infrastructure is included in relevant planning processes as essential infrastructure for business, personal and emergency reasons
  • Promote a consistent approach in the preparation, assessment and determination of planning decisions for telecommunications infrastructure.

For more information on requirements, refer to State Planning Policy 5.2 - Telecommunications infrastructure.

Public comment on proposals

The development application will be advertised in accordance with the Shire’s advertising planning proposals policy below.

Advertising Planning Proposals - PS-01 (PDF)

More information and contact

Please contact the Shire’s Planning department on 9290 6740 or via