Shire of Mundaring GeoHub Maps enables you to search using a simple address search or by navigating to a property of interest using zoom and pan functions.

A range of information is provided on each property including Council ward, parcel number, area, address, lot number, parcel number.

GeoHub also provides the following information in relation to the Shire of Mundaring:

  • Zoning
  • Aerial imagery
  • Lot sizes
  • Broad-brush soil types
  • Local Natural Areas (which are areas of good bush protected on private land)
  • Bushfire Hazard Levels
  • Flood prone or drinking water catchment areas.

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GeoHub Maps disclaimer

GeoHub Maps pages are amended regularly to provide the latest and most accurate information available. Some information may, however, not be current. Viewers must take account of these facts when reading the data.

For definitive information on zoning please contact the Shire or view the Shire of Mundaring Local Planning Scheme No.4[MK4] .

For definitive information on lot sizes and dimensions please refer to Landgate.

Important note: Landgate information contained on this website is for personal and non-commercial use and is to be used as a guide only. Use for commercial advantage or monetary compensation is strictly prohibited. Landgate takes no responsibility as to the reliability, currency or accuracy of Landgate data contained on this website or any output derived from that data.


The zoning of your property guides what improvements can be made, the type of land uses permitted and whether subdivision is allowed.

Two zoning layers apply to land in the metropolitan area:

  • Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS): Broad scale zoning across the Perth-Peel metropolitan area (i.e. designates large ‘Rural’ ‘Urban’ and ‘Industrial’ areas)
  • Local Planning Scheme No. 4 (LPS4): Local zoning which when read with the Local Planning Scheme No.4 (Text and/or Deemed Provisions), sets out what land uses are permitted or prohibited, and what the requirements would be for development and subdivision.

In most instances, the zoning under the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No.4 is key.

Both zoning layers are available via the Shire’s GeoHub Maps.

Important note:

Understanding your properties zoning is an important starting point. It is however not the only planning consideration. In most instances the Shire will require other supporting material or technical reports which need to be anticipated or investigated prior to an applicant / landowner lodging a formal application.

The Shire recommends liaising directly with the Shire’s Planning staff for direction as early in your planning process as possible.

More information and contacts

For more information about zoning and the Shire’s online mapping system, please contact Planning Services on (08) 9290 6740 or email: