Community Led Art Project (CLAP)

About the project

The Wooroloo Bushfire Community Recovery and Outreach Program seeks to ensure that residents in need, and the wider Wooroloo community, have local access to support services and resilience building activities.   

The purpose of the Program is to build capacity, sustainability and resilience within the community, it is funded under the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

In line with the objectives of the Community Recovery and Outreach Program this proposal supports Objective 2.1.4: “the community has opportunities for creative expression that help the community recover from disaster”.

The Wooroloo Bushfire Community Led Art Project was proposed by a group of community members under this program.  Wooroloo residents were asked to submit ideas for activities that they would like to see undertaken in the town. Twenty-nine people expressed an interest in participating in an art project. 

In the first instance the focus is to collect photographs, and the associated stories, from community members with the proposal being to host an exhibition. From there the project will grow, in line with community ideas.

Submission of photographs

A call for submissions of photographs closed on Wednesday 1 December. 

Next steps

  • Review submissions and plan an exhibition
  • Continue to liaise with the community in order to update the project plan
  • Seek additional support (funding and other resources) as required. 

More information and contact

For more information contact Karen Dore (Project Officer - Community Recovery) on 0448 245 086 or email

Photograph submission terms and conditions

Please note, submissions are now closed, however, the terms and conditions have been provided below.

  • Photographic submissions are invited via electronic (upload to website or on USB) or printed means.
  • There is no cost associated with submission, but the submitter will be responsible for the cost of internet upload charges and / or provision of a nonreturnable USB.
  • Photographs should be of people, and/or places, and/or events connected to the Wooroloo Bushfire (before, during or after).
  • Photographs should be original and unedited.
  • A short description, up to 100 words, of what the photograph depicts should accompany the photograph.
  • Photographs submitted electronically must be in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format and be between 1MB and 10MB.
  • Photographs submitted in printed form can be up to A4 in size.
  • All submitters retain the copyright of their images. However, submission implies permission for the images to be utilised as part of the Wooroloo Bushfire Community Led Art Project. Submitted photographs may be displayed as part of an exhibition, and may also appear on the Shire of Mundaring's website or social media platforms. Owners of photographs will be acknowledged when an image is used.
  • The submitter must be the copyright owner of the photograph, either as the person who took the photograph or with written permission from the copyright owner to use the photograph.