About crossovers

A crossover is the driveway component of the property access from the kerb or road edge to the front boundary of the property. 

A constructed crossover prevents a number of hazards such as erosion and washing of gravel onto the road, and potential silting and blocking of open drain and/or piped drainage networks.

Although a crossover is located within the road reserve (verge), it is the responsibility of the property owner to construct and/or maintain that area.

All crossovers require approval from the Shire before they can be constructed.

The first crossover to a property built to required standards is eligible for a Shire contribution.

Constructing or upgrading a crossover

Approval must be obtained before a crossover is built or modified. The Shire may require and order removal of any unauthorised crossovers.

Property owners are required to submit a Crossover Application Form (see below) prior to commencing the construction of the crossover, to ensure the Shire's information and specifications are supplied. 

Property owners will need to select a contractor to construct their crossover in accordance with the Shire's specifications either in concrete, asphalt or brick paving (a suggested contractor list can be supplied). 

Crossover Application Form

Please note there is a crossover application fee payable at the time of lodgement of your application. Refer to Fees and Charges.

Shire contribution to costs

The Shire will contribute funds for the first crossover to a property where the construction of an approved crossover is built in accordance with the Shire's specifications. 

The contribution is on a dollar-for-dollar basis, to a maximum value set in the Shire’s annual fees and charges.  There is additional contributions for crossovers that require culvert pipes and associated headwalls and aprons. 

Crossover construction specifications

Please refer to the following specifications:

More information and contact

For more information contact Infrastructure Services on 9290 6716 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au