Integrated planning and reporting provide local governments with a framework for establishing local priorities and linkage to operational functions.

Plans and strategies

To achieve an integrated strategic planning process, at least two plans are needed:

  • Strategic Community Plan: Outlines the community's long-term vision and priorities
  • Corporate Business Plan: Ensures these priorities and services are resourced and fully integrated into our long-term financial planning, workforce planning, asset management and annual budgets.

A range of inputs are considered when developing the Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan, including:

  • Community Perceptions Survey
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Workforce Plans
  • Long Term Financial Plan
  • Shire of Mundaring Waste Plan
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
  • Age Friendly Informing Strategy
  • Youth Informing Strategy
  • Energy and Emissions Reduction Strategy
  • Community Health and Wellbeing Informing Strategy
  • Local Planning Strategy
  • Recreation Facilities Informing Strategy.

To view these documents, go to Plans and Strategies.

Progress reporting

The Shire uses a variety of ways to measure its progress, including:

  • Quarterly Business Plan Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Australasian Local Government Performance Excellence Program.

To find out more, go to Annual Reports and Progress Reporting.

More information and contact

For more information about the integrated planning, please contact us.