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  • ​Sarah's Family Day Care
    My name is Sarah Pease and I have been running my family day care for 5 years. I am a cert 3 qualified educator. At my FDC I pride myself on providing a safe, secure and nurturing environment. I aim to build trusting and loving relationships with the children to help them feel secure and a sense of belonging. I work with my families to provide the best care for their children. I value parents input and suggestions. I strongly believe children learn in different way. They learn through play and have their own strengths. At my FDC I offer a variety of experiences where children are given opportunities to learn through play. Through play children explore, experiment and discover new skills. I believe that children should develop connections and relationship with their communities. I'm passionate about children sharing their culture, taking the children to events and celebrations within our community and engaging with other children and educators to give the children a sense of belonging to the wider community. I look forward to meeting new families. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a tour.
    Sarah Pease
    0407 995 724
  • Cheryl's Family Day Care Service
    ** CHERYL IS CURRENTLY IN RECESS & UNAVAILABLE** Quality Education and Care - Regular communication (including photos), through software Appsessment. - Programming for children's developmental needs and interests (Including planned and spontaneous experiences). - Ensuring the development of independence. - Nutritious food and learning about healthy choices. - Awesome S.T.E.M. program. I manage and run a Family Day Care Service in Swan View and have been doing this for 15 years now. \My service uses the EYLF curriculum which ensures children's learning through play, directly and indirectly extending this play to ensure regular developmental outcomes and to extend children's interests. I strive to offer Children a home like environment that becomes an extension of their own homes and families. Complete with relaxation, love, support and caring to enable them to start their journey to becoming autonomous adults. My Philosophy My philosophy as an educator is to offer a safe and caring environment. I will offer a programme which is multicultural / diverse and focuses on each individual child's needs and interests. I will provide organised activities and spontaneous experiences as they arise. My environment will be set up to enable self-learning and will concentrate on all areas of development, I will encourage parental input when setting up my environment and formulating programs for children, working along with parents to provide the best care for their children. I will demonstrate, model and encourage appropriate behaviour, emotional regulations and interactions with children and others and provide guidance and limit setting boundaries so that each child is able to develop an individual model of internal values, conscience and social behaviour appropriate to our society. I will be a mentor to parents / caregivers of the children in my care in order to empower them by offering advice and encouragement when required / requested. My aim is to start each child on their journey to becoming a well-adjusted autonomous adult, accepting and respectful of others and their differences, be open to learning and holding their own values for within rather than having to be dependent on rules outside themselves.
    Cheryl Pearse
    0448 672 819
  • Chris Family Day Care
    Chris George
    0409 112 855
  • Jenny's Family Day Care
    Jenny Hill
    0412 948 292