Appreciation for a lifetime of service to the Shire

Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2023 at 1:42:55 PM

Bill Volich of Volich Waste Services was honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 11 July for his lifelong dedication to the Shire of Mundaring.

In recognition of his remarkable and enduring service, Shire Councillors and staff expressed their gratitude and celebrated his retirement after nearly 50 years of partnership with the Shire.

During the presentation, Shire President James Martin praised Mr Volich for his efficient service throughout the years. He also shared stories from his own childhood about this popular community figure.

“Under the leadership of Bill Volich, Volich Waste has been a steadfast partner of the Shire for almost half a century,” he said.

“Bill’s professionalism, cheerful demeanour and dedication has made it a pleasure to deal with Bill and his team.”

“Volich Waste was one of those family businesses who would go the extra mile.”

About Volich Waste Services

Volich Waste Services, with Mr Volich’s father Tom at the helm, started managing the Shire’s waste services in 1974. This included residential, bulk bins and park waste collection services. Until 2008, the business also managed both of the Shire’s waste transfer stations at Coppin and Mathieson Road. Mr Volich has managed the business from 1978 onwards.

“Thank you to everyone, I have really enjoyed my time in this role,” he said.

“I have made lots of friends both within the Shire and the community and it has been very pleasant.”

The Shire extended their best wishes to Bill, Glenys and their family for their future endeavours. Although Bill may not need to wake up at 4am every morning for his work, he is keen to remain active and engaged during his retirement years. With wife Glenys by his side, Bill is looking forward to enjoying more time with his two daughters and five grandchildren. 

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