Local Law Review Completed

Published on Thursday, 4 January 2024 at 2:07:22 PM

The Shire has completed a review of the appropriateness of its current local laws.

In response to the review, the Shire of Mundaring Council has determined at its December meeting, that eight of the local laws are appropriate, although may be subject to minor amendments in coming years, two local laws required amendment however required changes to state legislation in order for this to occur, while one local law was repealed.

The Shire’s Meeting Procedures Local Law 2015 will be amended once the State Government provides direction on the proposed standardised meeting procedures to be applied across all Local Governments.

The Bush Fires Brigades Local Law 2013 will be amended when the State Government amends the Bush Fires Act 1954 or creates a new legislation addressing emergency services.

The Shire will repeal its Keeping of Cats Local Law 2015 when the State Government amends the Cat Act 2011, focusing on strengthening its ability to control cats. However, current legislation does not allow for the Shire to do this until the Cat Act is amended.

Council also endorsed that it will advocate to the Western Australia Local Government Association via East Metropolitan Regional Zone that the model Bush Fire Brigades local law be reviewed to address issues raised by the community.

It will also advocate to the State Government for a review of the Cat Act 2011 and associated regulations to convey the community’s desire for better environmental and wildlife protection from cats, including the powers and penalties for control of cats.

Until the Cat Act 2011 is reviewed and the Shire can draft a new local law, cat owners are encouraged to embrace responsible cat ownerships including desexing, microchipping and registering their cat with the Shire.

For the protection of cats and wildlife, it is strongly encouraged to keep cats indoors or explore containment solutions including catios, enclosures and fence toppers to keep cats safe and happy on your property.

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