Our shire will not feed the fill

Published on Thursday, 16 November 2023 at 3:17:02 PM

This National Recycling Week Shire of Mundaring is celebrating its recycling achievements through its Containers for Change Deposit Scheme over the past three years. National Recycling Week runs from Monday 13 November to Sunday 19 November.

Since the introduction of the Containers for Change Deposit Scheme in October 2020, Shire of Mundaring residents have saved 13.5 million containers from landfill.

A large part of the community’s efforts in not feeding the fill (landfill) lies in its efforts to recycle drink containers at the Coppin Road Community Recycling Centre for a 10c refund per container donated to local community groups, schools and charities.

Shire President Paige McNeil said the refund scheme was a win-win situation for households, charities, schools, local businesses or community groups receiving 10c back for every container saved from landfill.

“Recycling is a community wide effort. While households make up the bulk of our recyclers, many of our local charities, schools, community groups and businesses   are committed to not feeding the fill and actively participate in the Containers of Change Deposit scheme.” she said.

106 community groups have recycled 777,794 containers, 100 charities have returned 573,169 containers and 20 schools have given 114,952 containers another life.  Since 2020 these groups, charities and schools have received a total of $192k in refunds.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the community, the Shire was able to purchase a Containers for Change delivery truck in November 2022 and expand the weekly dedicated container collection service that has grown since it was established in December 2020.

The service offers a seamless collection service for the 95 local facilities who have registered to take part.

From sporting clubs, pubs, cafes, op shops, community groups and schools, each facility has one or several 240L bins issued to them based on the volume required.

There are a number of collection options available from weekly, monthly or on an ad-hoc basis.

Don’t feed the fill - if you think your organisation can be a recycling champion and find a great way to raise funds, why not consider joining the scheme? Contact us on (08) 9290 6691 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au to find out more.

Photo caption:  Our driver Flynn Warner Stanton alongside the Containers for Change delivery truck.

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