Owl Friendly Event was Owl-Out Success

Published on Thursday, 7 December 2023 at 4:03:01 PM

Shire of Mundaring recently launched it’s ‘Owl Friendly’ campaign aimed at raising awareness of the detrimental effects to owls from secondary poisoning caused by rodent baits.

On Saturday 2 December, the Shire kicked off the campaign with a free ‘Hoo Want’s to Be Owl Friendly?’ information session to help raise awareness in owl-friendly practices that safeguard our vulnerable wildlife.

Forty-five residents attended the session and also collected their free ‘Owl Friendly Mundaring’ bumper sticker.

Secondary poisoning is a growing concern and affects not only the vulnerable owl population, but also poses risks to pets and other wildlife.

Sadly, many owls die through consuming rodents that have ingested toxic baits. It’s also very difficult for vets to save pets and other wildlife exposed to secondary poisoning when some types of rodenticide baits are used.

Being Owl Friendly means choosing less harmful alternatives for rodent control. This includes removing rats’ food sources and using lower-risk baits or traps. In places with lots of wildlife, live-catch traps are better so you can identify what you’ve caught before it is harmed.

Residents can help promote the campaign by collecting a free bumper sticker from the Shire Administration Centre.

To learn more about owl friendly rodent and pest control, visit the ‘Local Native Birds’ webpage on the Shire’s website.

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