Understanding your Rates

Published on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at 3:58:00 PM

Each year, the Shire collects Rates as revenue to fund and deliver essential community services and infrastructure.

In order to determine the amount of money the Shire needs to raise to deliver its core business, an annual budget is developed.

The total amount to be raised in general rates is divided by the total valuations of all rateable properties. This determines the rate in the dollar. A property’s valuation is determined by Landgate and is classed as either a Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV).

All GRV properties are revalued every three years, and this financial year is a revaluation year for GRV properties. The average valuation increase across all GRV categories (i.e. Residential, Commercial etc) was 15%.

When the Shire calculates the annual rates increase, this is based on the total valuations of all properties, with the rate in the dollar adjusted to reflect the change in the total valuation of all properties to generate a 3.5% overall increase in rates for 2023/2024.

However, the change in valuations was not uniform across all individual properties.

For instance, if an individual’s property valuation increased by the average increase of all properties, they would get a 3.5% increase in their rates.

If their valuation increased by more than the average increase in valuations, their rates increase would be higher than 3.5%.

If their valuation increased by less than the average increase of all properties, their rates increase would be less than 3.5% (rates would even decrease in some instances).

We understand that the economic climate has put pressure on many households. If you are experiencing difficulties in paying your Rates Notice by the due date, please contact our Rates Officer 9290 6617 or email shire@mundaring.wa.gov.au to make alternative arrangements.

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